Jio Mobile Recharge – What Kind Of Benefits You Can Enjoy?

Jio came forth with a brilliant concept and it changed the face of the telecom sector with its free voice calls and cheap 4G services. It actually changed the way Indian users consumed the data. Not only had this but the company even gave its services for free for the first six months after the launch and this proved to be crucial for developing the customer base for the company. Jio’s 4G services helped the customers an option to watch more videos and browse through more content. India in terms of mobile data consumption lies ahead of the US and China and Jio took advantage of this and launched his multitude of services in the market.

Jio gave its data for free for the first six months and then started charging money out of it; however, the low tariff plans made them a preferred choice by the customers. They stepped ahead of the competition from the other telecom service providers owing to the fact that they provided more data and better services.

Ways in Which Jio Changed the Face ofThe Telecom Industry

Jio revolutionized the way the telecom industry worked, and they gained a loyal customer base for the same. There are many ways in which Jio changed the gear of the telecom industry. This includes:

  • They offered their services in form of the ultra-cheap Jio Recharge data and another recharge plan. Before Jio came into the market, data packs were very expensive and on a normal basis shelled out INR 450 for 1GB data. Jio came up with an impressive offer of 4GB of high-speed data per day and that too at a speed of 128kbps. Jio’s plan shifted the gear of the Indian telecom industry and this is why people started believing in the easy and affordable plans of the company.
  • After Jio’s launch in the market, there was an increase inconsumption of the online content. There was an exponential rise in the use of online media and with the availability of free India’s data usage climbed from 20 crores GB to 120 crore GB in six months.
  • Voce calls became free all across the country. The concept of free voice calling came when Jio launched its operations onto the network. The company came forth with the policy that both local and STD calls will become free with no-roaming charges anywhere in the country. This benefit offered along with the prepaid and postpaid packs bundled with the free minutes for both STD and local calls made Jio excel in the telecom industry market.
  • Jio even launched 4G phones entailing that everyone in the country can have access to the company’s 4G network for free. The 4G phones were not only affordable in pricing were packed with the latest network services making it easier for them to grab onto the Indian market.
  • The mobile data provided by Jio was the fastest of any kind. Jio even offered downloads on 18Mbps while the others were stuck with just 10Mbps.

Choose Your Best Mobile Recharge Website

Jio changed the perception the telecom companies had about the Indian users. With the launch of Jio many telecom industries had to change their plans and tariffs so as to keep their customer base with them. The best thing is that Jio Rechargeplans is also available on various mobile recharge websites including MobikWik, FreeCharge, PayTmetc.