Rules of Essay Writing

The main demand for the author who wants to write a good essay is solid topic knowledge. The writer has to express personal viewpoint, to think over certain questions, to make conclusions. To structure the paper logically, the author should think over the essay plan first. As a rule, a plan consists of separate short theses on the topic, which are to be supported by evidences and arguments as the topic is being revealed.

The only formal demand to keep when writing an essay is to create the title. While diving into creativity, one should not forget that the author’s point is to persuade the audience, to prove the stated viewpoint is right. So, arguments need to be solid, reasonable and spectacular.

Essay Structure

As it was already mentioned, write an essay for me do not have defined structures, but their schemes usually include:

  • Introduction. This part sets an emotional mood of the text, leads the reader to the reviewed question, interests them and makes them read the whole text.

  • Main body. Here is the place for stating theses and finding evidences to prove the author’s viewpoint.

  • Conclusion. Summarizing what was told in the main body, the author makes the general conclusion. The goal of an introduction is to interest the reader, while the final concluding paragraph has to make the picture completed, to make the reader think or to prove the author’s ideas are definitely reasonable.

Essay Contents

The main point of the whole essay is the author’s opinion on the topic which is visible clearly. The sense of each essay is totally defined by its type. If the subject touches history, then the author’s understanding of war, revolution consequences or certain events may become the basis of the essay. The philosophy essay can be based on the comparison between several conceptual schools. The literature essay may criticize the famous work of art from the unusual, original viewpoint, etc.

The difference between philosophic tractates and essay writing is in their basics. In the tractate, the point is to look for the objective, unbiased truth using logical cognition instruments. In essays, the author’s personal opinion not pretending to be an absolute dogma is the main thing.

To get a high grade for an essay, you should pay attention not only to grammar and punctuation, but try using enough introductory constructions, stable phrases and proverbs in order to reveal the topic originally and to demonstrate your deep knowledge on the subject.