Tips On How To Find Out If Your Security Camera Has Been Hacked?

Things may take a sudden U-turn due to hacked cameras at offices and homes. In fact, tampering with surveillance cameras is considered to be a criminal offense. But despite all the efforts being put in, tampering is still on a rise. Which is why you need to have a clear knowledge about how to find out if your security cameras have been hacked.

How To Find Out If A Security Camera Has Been Hacked?

Camera hacking comes out as a major shock for people since not many are aware of the fact that hackers can make a way into your surveillance feed and tamper with it. The situation can get worse if the hackers decide to broadcast your personal feed online. This situation can though be averted only if you know how to find out if your security camera is being tampered with.

  • Take a moment to listen closely. If you realize that your security camera is emitting strange noises that you haven’t heard before, it is an indication that your cameras might have been hacked already.
  • It is easier to find out when PTZ cameras are hacked. Since PTZ cameras cannot auto-rotate, if yours changes its direction on its own, it’s obviously hacked and someone is keeping an eye on you.
  • One of the easiest ways for hackers to crawl in your security feed is by hacking password. So keep monitoring your security settings to check your password. If it has been set to default despite you changed it, it’s a hundred percent that your camera is hacked.
  • If the LED flashlight in your webcam randomly starts flashing every 10-15 minutes, the chances that someone is trying to breach the security system are high.
  • If you aren’t lucky enough to notice things while someone is trying to hack your camera, you can still be alerted if the LED light keeps turning on/off without your command. Get your system checked immediately.
  • Keep checking the IP addresses and login details in your security settings. If you find a device you do not recognize, it’s quite likely that someone is illegally monitoring your feed.

Other than the signs listed above, you can also watch your cameras carefully every 2 days. Sudden spikes in the recorded feed can sometimes be caused due to an unauthorized forced entry. All in all, you can keep your security cameras from being hacked just by being a little more careful and alert.