What Are The Best Security Cameras For DVR Safety – Importance And Features

It might surprise you that most companies suffer a security breach due to security cameras that are actually installed with the aim of protecting the company’s assets from external dangers and internal dangers. And when fed on by hackers, people start having doubts on the importance and worth of a surveillance system. But you must know that the problem does not really lay with surveillance cameras but with poor security that gives way to backdoor exploit. And backdoor exploitation of the dvr system and router hacking are the reasons that companies lose money and data to hackers. So, instead of giving up on security cameras that will leave your company more prone to frequent hacking, learn the ways of protecting the dvr system for network protection.

Is Network Protection A Worthy Means To Safeguard A Company From Hacking?

Network protection is a term with vast possibilities. It is a group of strategies that one can use to protect the security system from hackers. And it is absolutely worth the money spent. The 2 best ways to do so are given below.

  • Let professional cyber experts lay the foundation to design a strong backdoor password for the dvr system. Hackers usually avoid wasting time on companies with a backdoor password that’s hard to breach and move towards the ones that are easier to exploit
  • Give your company‚Äôs systems the overall protection of firewall and antivirus tools that can detect phishing websites and emails and can identify if the system has been hit with malware and viruses. It gives you the chance to hire professionals to clean your surveillance system before any major damage is done

All in all, network protection is the best way to strengthen the security of your company from hackers. Moving on, you must also be aware of the best security cameras, listed below, that prove beneficial for businesses.

  1. Network PTZ Cameras – Network PTZ cameras are designed for internal as well as external surveillance of the company. Besides, they can cover all angles since they can pan, tilt, and zoom in all the directions
  2. TURBOHD Analog Cameras – Known for their ability to capture feed even in low light, these security cameras include dome cameras, Turrent cameras, as well as Fisheye cameras
  3. Thermal Cameras – These are one of the most elite security cameras that can identify targets by using temperature difference. Also, they have a deep vision. Some of the best and most advanced models of thermal cameras include the Thermal and Optical Bi-Spectrum Network Bullet Camera and the Thermal and Optical Bi-Spectrum Network Speed Dome Camera