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6 Favorite Lembang Tourist Recommendations

Looking for a Holiday place that is fun does not have to go far abroad, because Indonesia itself has a great deal of cheap and beautiful attractions for tourist. And, one of these is within the city of Bandung precisely in Lembang. Lembang itself became among the favored places for the majority of people to holiday.

And today, in Lembang there are a lot of new and cool tourist spots that have arisen. This time I’ve summarized it recommendations of fun places in Lembang. Have a look!

  1. Begonia Garden Lembang

This one backyard is quite beautiful with a broad selection of beautiful flowers with vibrant appearance. In addition to having the capability to enjoy the beautiful expanse of blossoms together with fairly garden decoration, here we will also find out about gardening and then harvest the plants directly. The facilities provided will also be whole, which vary from eating places, rest rooms along with mosque (places of worship). With admission tickets that are quite cheap (IDR 10,000) we might delight at the wonder of Begonia Garden just as much as we enjoy with our family members.

  1. Farmhouse SusuLembang

The most interesting thing is that we may take as many images as we like facing European buildings that are amazingly lovely. And, this place is rather spacious. If thirst has started to hit, do not worry because here’s also a cool dining room. An additional intriguing thing, here is also a special place for the debut of creatures like cute sheep and cute rabbits.

  1. Bandung

This place is very close to Begonia Garden. Therefore, for those who’ve stopped by Begonia Garden, you might also stop by De’Ranch. Here we’ll learn how to ride and can also attempt using average coboy clothing and in precisely the same time feel the sensation of becoming a true coboy.

  1. Floating Market Lembang

The amenities offered at Cascade Economy Lembang are rather nice and complete, of course this makes you comfy in enjoying tourism within this floating lembangbandung marketplace. Facilities which are available are worship centers, culinary places, for the ones that prefer to selfi have provided intriguing photo places, there are also a children’s playground and more which will make you satisfied for walking here.

  1. TahuSusuLembang

Proceed to TahuLembangSusu doesn’t mean you really like tofu milk. Because in this one place, we might try several types of typical culinary. Then for the ones that enjoy the outbound vehicle, we may enjoy it. And for the ones that enjoy fashion may all stop by the mill sockets also.

  1. Star StarBosscha Binoculars

A place which will make you reminisce with the film and will make you discover more about the world of Astronomy.

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