A Guide On The Benefits Of Modernization Planning Services That Can Improve The Efficiency Of IBM I Applications

There are many strategic services and solutions that help in modernizing IBM I apps to increase their performance for the purpose of meeting business goals. And amid many, it is the Fresche strategy services that offer the best results. The reason being, professionals by this company are highly experienced with legacy systems; and hence, offer the best solutions for system upgradation to maximize performance without overshooting the budget.


Why Modernize IBM I Applications?


Before you can learn about modernization services, you might be interested in knowing why should you modernize the IBM OS in the first place? Well, the reasons are given below.


  • IBM OS is not much flexible in accepting new computer languages
  • Legacy languages in IBM OS do not allow integration of apps with modern interfaces
  • IBM I applications cannot be accessed from mobile devices
  • Modern coders do not have many skills with CL and RPG
  • Code by legacy languages is not as smooth-running as that by Java and .NET


Best Features And Benefits Of Planning Services For IBM I Modernization


Now that you know why IBM modernization is necessary, it’s time that you can learn about the upgradation and modernization services by Fresche Solutions that will help you in the long run.


Why Planning Services?


Planning ahead of transformation is required for a number of reasons like the ones given below.


  • It reduces modernization cost
  • It ensures swift and complete transformation of RPG and CL into Java and .NET
  • It increases the chance of project success
  • It helps in determining the technologies that should be targeted


How Do Planning Services Help Speed Up The Process Of Modernization?


Did you know that IBM I applications originally aren’t compatible with modern interfaces? Well, that’s just one aspect. The guide below makes mention of many such aspects that you should know about modernization.


  1. Using X-analysis tool to scan your current IBM I applications helps in finding out what kinds of technologies are required to achieve your business goal
  2. Since analytical tools can pre-determine the requirement, it reduces upgradation cost. Besides, X-analysis view tool can study the impact of transformation. Following which, X-analysis advisor tool can suggest new technologies that can be migrated to improve the look and performance of apps
  3. Automated tools offer strategic alignment and documentation that, in turn, helps in running multiple projects without missing out on even a single one. It is because automated tools efficiently provide timely updates on all projects to all the concerned departments