Ask questions in public site and be anonymous

When it comes to asking the questions in the public forums or in the websites, most of the websites does not provide any privacy. Your user id details will be in public place and the question also will show up in any of the search engines when the people search with the correct key word. But with the website study pool there is an option to keep you protected from the public eyes. While all the questions posted will have only the user id details alone in the forum, still the question will remain public and anybody can see them if they are the users of the website or when they search in the internet.

Protect the privacy by paying additional amount

While asking a question to solve anenglish homework is not a crime and nothing to worry about it appearing in the public search some people still want to have the comfort of being anonymous. For those people, this website provides the options to stay behind. When you choose to be anonymous, you can mark the question as private questions. This option takes username and the profile completely off the question and will remain private. Moreover, this will take the question and the corresponding answer out search engines and plagiarism check also.  In this way, students keep them as private. But if they want to make any question private it comes at a cost. For every private question, they need to pay $4.85 additionally. But the first private question is completely free of cost; subsequent private questions will be billed and will be added to your final cost for every question. You need to use them wisely. While it is good to mask yourself for some tricky questions it is not needed for all the questions.