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Deadfire – Beast of Winter DLC – Yay or Nay

Beast of Winter is the first downloadable expansion for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and while it doesn’t require players to have finished the game, it does require a party of high-level characters. If you’ve already completed PoE II’s main story, you’ll have to load up an earlier save to …

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Apple to Ditch Touch ID Entirely This Year

Rumors that have been swirling around the web for the past few months suggested that Apple may bring Face ID to all its new iPhone models, in an attempt to bring them in line with the iPhone X. And now an Apple supplier confirms that demand for Face ID parts …

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Can Be Hacked with Meltdown Attack

Just when we thought that the Meltdown and Spectre saga is coming to an end, here’s a discovery that isn’t by any means good news for Samsung customers. The Galaxy S7, which is one of the most successful flagship phones released by the South Korean phone maker, is vulnerable to …

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