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Diving in Labuan Bajo

Diving in Labuan Bajo is one of the many reasons to go to this tourism place. The best diving is inside the Komodo National Park. Our city of Labuan Bajo is located on the extreme western tip of Flores. You can come through Komodo airport with a number of daily flights from Bali, through Ferry and by buses form further inland. Flores and Labuan Bajo have been in the first phases of tourism development and were not even notable 10 decades back. There are absolutely hundreds of diving websites inside the Komodo Park. A good deal of them appointed and dived just a couple of times.

Outside the park, there are hundreds of dive websites. From ones just beyond the city, to individuals bordering the park and much more all along the coastline of Flores. These websites also vary from muck diving, beach dives, gentle reefs to websites with ripping currents and predators that are enormous. While Komodo is normally famous – diving around Labuan Bajo is slowly gaining popularity as well and new sites are being researched nearly weekly. There are a couple of four star hotels, several really excellent restaurants plus one amazing Italian restaurant.

The times of wooden huts and streets sellers are all gone. The airport as well as the expansion of the ferry terminal there’s more and more foot traffic. Diving from Labuan Bajo gifts several types of diving. Day trips, multiday trips, overnight excursions and liveaboards. Additionally, there are locality non diving excursions to volcanic lake, deserts, waterfalls and much more.

But, the dive sites nearer to Labuan Bajo are often overlooked – that suggests less divers, simpler days and fantastic fun! These websites are especially great for macro chances – such as pygmy seahorses, frogfish plus a few spectacular Nudibranchs. This may be rainy season and it is hard works to get out and in from the harbor, sometimes impossible. The other 10 months of the year, diving, diving and much more diving! Out in the main Channels that the currents can be strong and intimidating. Labuan Bajo diving isn’t so difficult.

With coast dives, nearby peaks and islands – we have got a much simpler time and find a huge numbers of fish out of the water. Because these dive sites are closer to beach and less choppy, you are able to enjoy Labuan Bajo diving almost year round. If you’d prefer a real bargain and visit a number of the least dived sites around Labuan Bajo – see the local Muck diving websites. Only a couple of Dive centers actually go to these websites – pick so wisely, you definitely won’t be disappointed. We locate vibrant reefs, diverse species, vibrant corals and many great tiny species such as reef sharks and the giant trevallies.

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