Do Surveillance Systems Record All the Time?

Surveillance systems are becoming a necessary addition to the home or office setup to provide protection from thefts and other kinds of security breach. The security cameras allow us to observe the activity in a place and also record the footage so that it can be viewed at a later stage. Do all cameras record all the time?

The answer is ‘no’. Advanced cameras can be set up to record either continuously or as and when they detect motion in the vicinity. For the basic cameras, the recording can be started and stopped manually, depending on the need. When to use the selected option will also depend on the capacity of the camera the purpose of installing the camera.

Continuous Recording

This is a feature of the CVR cameras. These record every activity throughout the day. It is advisable to be used when you need to know what happened throughout the day and cannot afford to miss any detail. These are particularly useful in areas where the crime rate is high or in places that have many visitors. The footage gets stored either on a storage device or directly on the cloud.

Motion Activated Recording

This is available on advanced cameras and the recording gets activated as and when the camera detects a movement. The camera records all the activity that follows. Though this is a solution to the storage issue, it could leave the customer vulnerable as any activity prior to the recording of events has been missed. To counter this, the motion sensitivity has to be customized to the area for motion detection as well as the sensitivity of the same. This can then help prevent blind spots as well as false alarms.

Storage of Data

The key factor that makes people choose motion-activated recording over CVR is the storage requirement. Storage of data can be done in various formats in SD cards, MicroSD cards and DVR/NR. Cloud storage is also an option used by many.

As the storage linked with the camera becomes full, recording of further activity of the camera could be impacted. Hence, for such cameras, the facility of loop recording is now utilized where the older data gets overwritten with the newer one. While cloud storage has limitless capacity, beyond a certain limit, it is an expensive proposition. The other issue with cloud storage is the fear of lack of privacy as the users are not comfortable with the idea of having their data stored on a drive that they cannot control.