In education, all the subjects are important; unfortunately many students are unable to understand particular subjects. Out of these subjects psychology is one of the subjects. The subject is could be learned easily, anyone can become scholar in the subject.

The important thing is the student should have to have additional care to learn in the subject, psychology questions and answers should have to be in the mind, in that case, the exam will be easy for the student, because the student has the question and answer on his mind, so he has no botheration about the subject, normally the students keep the answers in their mind, when the examiner is asking the question with the twist, the student would not be in a position to answer, the student would be understanding that he knows the answer for the question but he could not write the answer because he is confused getting the confusion is the normal for every student, at the same time, if the student takes additional learning as home tuition he would be in a position to answer the question.

Each student should have to get the interest in the subject; in that case, his interest would lead to good marks on his all exams. The study should not be just for the exam, the student should have to learn the subject even for his personal use,

He should have to be in a position to answer the questions on the subject even at the sleeping time, or in the time he wakes up, the good student should have to complete the subject with the enthusiasm.  Any subject will not be difficult to learn, but in the case student is dedicated to that subject especially, the psychology needs more dedication from the student, however the teacher is dedicated to the students.