What are the Factors that Impact the Print Cartridge Yield?

HP designs its LaserJet printers in such a way that it delivers extraordinary value and quality over the printer’s life. To successfully accomplish this, the printer system entails the printer, and the HP LaserJet print cartridge(s). These cartridges can also be referred to as toner cartridges that have more than the HP toner. These cartridges are complicated multipart system where one part is the toner. This article focuses on the factors that affect the printer cartridges. Here are a few:

  1. Stop and start printing

Every time a print job begins, there are many rotations of printing system before and after the printing is done. These rotations wear out all the components in the printing system, including the toner.

  1. Environmental issues at the site

HP designs its systems in such a way that the renders quality and reliable printing in many ranges of environment. Also keep in mind different types of environments may cause the printer systems to work differently. If it’s very humid, the print cartridge yield decreases.

  1. Alienation issues and alienation formulas

In color printers, there are specific modes that disengage the color cartridges from the system where only monochrome papers are printed. This is referred to as alienation. On the basis of the frequency of monochrome and colored papers are being processed to the printer. The alienation system doesn’t disengage the color cartridges in many cases. The frequency of alienation can affect the color cartridges because of the wear and tear on the cartridge instead of using the toner.

  1. Toner used as a cartridge lubricant

While printing, there are many systems where the toner is used as a lubricant. The contact areas between the cleaning blades on the computer as well as on the transfer systems need a little toner to eliminate the friction and increase the life. Using this toner is considered when ISO yield testing takes place.

  1. Underprinting

To enhance the blackness or the overall PQ of the print areas, HP uses colored toner with the black toner to come up with certain black areas on the page. This is done to have the best print quality possible for the user.

  1. Manufacturing variances

When it comes to manufactured systems, they come with variations in all aspects of the printing systems. Many of these are associated with the printing system calibration. To make sure that other variations are minimal in nature, HP tends to use many printers and print cartridges to measure the yield. The ISO calls for using at least 3 printers each using at least 3 cartridges or cartridge sets.